Hygienic Wall Protection

Curb-It is the only modular curb manufactured in the United States with three levels of hygienic wall protection.

Curb-It hygienic wall protection is made of engineered substrate called 5x-Tech Mix. It is a is water resistant cementous reinforced substrate that is five times stronger than concrete curbs. Our integrated FRP finish provides a durable, scratch resistant surface, that is easy to clean while providing superior moisture resistance. In addition, the Curb-It sections can be sealed to one another, and to the wall, with our proprietary chemical weld system for a zero-maintenance solution that exceeds even the most rigorous hygienic standards.

Why Are Integrated FRP Faced Curbs The Right Solution?

Products made from composite FRP materials offer significant environmental benefits because of their characteristically low weight, good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to corrosion. FRP is a good insulator with low thermal conductivity. Fiber reinforced polymer’s resistance to heat and corrosion make it a successful application even in humid, damp conditions.

Curb-It provides the perfect solution for completing a seamless wall-to-floor detail while protecting your walls from impact damage. It offers maximum sanitation protection making it the number one choice for supermarkets, food processing, clean rooms and pharmaceutical applications.

Product Features:

  • Fast and solid Installation
  • Impact resistant, water resistant and chemical resistant
  • Frost resistant (-40°F + 140°F)
  • Fireproof
  • Repairable
  • Prefab System with all accessories
  • Food Safe (meets all hygienic requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act)
  • Available in white, gray and custom colors